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Flex on the Pep - 2019


This is a partner fitness competition designed for the average everyday fitness person to the more experienced. The workouts will be announced in advance so that you have time to workout the nerves and practice for the big event. See how you stack up in Culpeper. Rep the Pep!

This is a partner competition featuring the following categories:

Female/Female - RX & Scaled

Male/Male - RX & Scaled

Male/Female - Intermediate to RX standards

**Three events guaranteed + one final event for the top three finishers in each division**

More details to come. Put this on your calendar

****Entry Fee****
$70 per team
- All registrations are final. Transfers are allowed to another person or team 48 prior to the event start date.

Purchase Tickets:

Date of the event:

Sept 28
8am - 4pm

****team checkin must be done by 7:30am

Workout #1

12 Min AMRAM:

200 AD Reps per team as a buy-in
….then with the remaining time the team will perform the heaviest complex of the following: Deadlift, Clean, Shoulder to Overhead (Press, Push Press, Push Jerk)

Point System for lifting:
RX - 1 point (145/75lb), 2 point (165/85lb), 3 point (205/105lb), 4 point (245/125lb) , 5 point (275/145lb) , 6 point (295/165lb) , 7 point (315/175lb)
SCALED - 1 point (95/55lb), 2 point (115/65lb), 3 point (155/85lb), 4 point (195/105lb) , 5 point (235/115lb) , 6 point (275/135lb) , 7 point (295/145lb)

The teams total will be the combination of both members successful lifts and the points associated with that weight as mentioned above.


3…2…1 Go Team member 1 will start on the air dyne and work their way to 100 reps. A rep consists of the right hand going fully back and then forward while holding onto the air dyne handles. Once team member 1 completes the 100 AD reps, member 2 will perform their 100 AD reps. Once the team has reached 200 total AD reps they may proceed to the bar for the complex. NOTE: The teams may load their bar prior to starting so that the first person lifting is ready to go once the AD reps are completed. A success complex consists of a deadlift starting from the ground to a full locked out extension with the bar around the hip crease. The clean must not touch the ground and must reach the lifters shoulders, then the shoulder to overhead must be pressed out over head with the arms fully locked out and bar directly over the lifters head. Failed reps will consist of not locking out on the deadlift, clean or shoulder to overhead as well as the bar touching the ground after your initial start of the deadlift. After a successful lift the second team member may repeat the same movements at whatever weight you choose.

WOD #2


Burpee Plate Jumps

Calorie Row

Burpee Plate Jumps
Calorie Row

If your team contains a male you will follow male rep scheme
***Every 2 minutes the team must stop and someone must perform 15 Weighted Russian Twists (25/15)


Standard Burpee (No Plate Jump)
Calorie Row

***Every 2 minutes the team must stop and someone must perform 15 Weighted Russian Twists (15/10)


3…2…1 Go…… Teams may choose to tackle these reps in any rep scheme that they choose; however, you may not move onto the next movement until the full reps have been completed. Teams will perform 40 Burpees jumping to a plate and then 40 Calorie row, then perform 30 burpees and 30 calorie row, 20/20, 10/10. Every 2 minutes until the team is complete they will have to stop and 1 member will have to perform 15 russian twists with either a 25lb plate for men or a 15lb plate for woman. The same plate is used for jumping on during the burpees. The burpee rep must have the athletes chest touch the ground with the hands being released at the bottom then both feet must jump onto the plate. The athlete doesn’t have to stand up fully only the two feet is required for a successful rep. A no rep will consist of the chest not touching the ground fully or the hands not being released from the ground at the bottom of the burpee. If only one foot touches the plate it will be considered a no rep. If any part of the foot is touching the ground at the same time as the foot is touching the plate it will be considered a no rep. In other words make sure both feet are on the plate at the same time and not touching the ground.
For the Calorie row a rep is counted when the rower shows a calorie earned. The teams may switch at any given rep scheme; however, they may not move on until all reps have been completed for that round. If teams are found to have started the next round prior to the judge indicating the final rep of the row was completed they will receive a 10 second addition to their the finish time.

The score will be the fastest finish time. Each rep not completed within the 10 min time limit will receive a one second penalty.

WOD #3


AMRAP 10 Min:
5 Box Jumps (24/20)
7 DB Snatches (50/35)
9 Pull-Ups
Partners Must complete the full round before they are to switch


AMRAP 10 Min:
5 Box Step Ups (24/20)
7 DB Snatches (35/20)
9 Pull-Ins


3..2..1.. Go Partner 1 will begin by performing the entire round of movements. Once the round is finished they must tag their partner and then partner 2 can begin their round. This will continue for the entire 10 minutes. Box Jumps and Step overs must begin with both feet on the floor and finish with both feet on the box and hips fully extended at the top. At no point may any part of the body touch the box or yourself as it will be a no-rep. The DB snatch will start with one head of the dumbbell touching the ground and extend in one motion over head with the arm fully extended directly overhead. The athlete must switch arms after every rep. There is no requirement after the rep is completed to when the athlete may start switching the DB to the other hand. A no-rep will consist of the DB head not touching the ground after every rep as well, the arm not being locked out overhead and the dumbbell not going from the ground to overhead in one motion. For RX Pull-ups must start from a fully extended position and be completed with the chin over the bar. Any method to achieve this range of motion is allowed, i.e.. Kipping. A no rep will consist of the arms not being extended at the start of each rep and the chin not making it over the bar. For Scaled athletes the Pull-Ins must start with arms fully extended and will complete with the rings touching the chest. A no-rep will consist of the arms not fully extending for every rep and the rings not touching the chest. Lines will be marked under each set of the rings and the heals of the athletes feet must remain in front of the line or it will warrant a no-rep.

Total rounds and reps completed will determine the winner. In the event of a tie the time completed on the previous round will be used for the tie break.

Michael Duff