CrossFit Culpeper


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Areas of Focus


Gymnastics involves exercises developing or displaying physical agility and coordination.  We concentrate on mobility, strength in body weight movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, hand stands, ring work, and overall core work.  


Cardio refers to the ability to raise your heart rate and respiratory rate.  Cardio helps to improve your heart and lung function and your circulatory system.  We achieve great cardio by running, rowing, jump roping, inside bike, interval training both high intensity (HIIT) and low intensity (LIIT).  


Strength training involves the use of resistance to induce a muscular contraction which helps to develop the size, endurance and strength of the muscle.   We work in cycles throughout the year working on muscular endurance, over all strength, power and explosiveness.  




Coaching for 8 visits

($11.25 per class /$22.50 per week)
6 Month agreement


Coaching for 12 Visits

($9.58 per class / $29 per week)
6 Month agreement


Coaching Unlimited

($5.83 A Class / $35 per week)
6 Month agreement

Family Discounts

We love families at our gym so we offer a 25% discount for the
first family member and then 50% for every third or more family member that joins us.

Student Discounts

If you can provide a current student ID, then we offer a 25% discount

Our coaches responsibilities during class are to make sure you are doing the movements safely, with the correct weights and the right intensity.   Consider a coach as having a personal training each and every day that you come into our class.   Go ask somebody at another gym to help you 3 days a week and see just how much that costs.  Our coaching doesn't stop when class is over.  Our coaches are available all throughout the day to help you with nutrition questions, workout questions, work on your goal setting.   Our job is to get your results and we are very good at it.