CrossFit Group Classes

All of our group class are coached by Certified CrossFit coaches with knowledge in anatomy, physiology and mobility techniques.

You are never too old
You are coached every single time
you walk through our doors.  The key 
to a long life is to stay moving and
we work with ages 13 – 60+.  
Mobility Work
We are well versed in mobility
techniques, as we work with shoulder
pains, neck pains,consistent
migraines, back pains and more. We
have many techniques to loosen
you up and get full range back
to your muscles
Because of this flexibility and ability to scale movements we are able to have all ages and fitness levels in the gym at the same time.
We believe in form first, intensity second and then 
weight can be added.   We want you in
the gym long term not just 
for short gains.
Safety is our biggest concern.

Short Term Options



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Visiting - 1 Week


*Only for out of town guests

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Contract Options

12 Days / mo



$115 / mo with a six month agreement

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CrossFit Unlimited



$135 / mo with a six month agreement

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*Family discounts available

CrossFit Online Calendar

Morning classes @ 5:30am must be reserved by 10pm the night prior in order to book a coach for the class.