CrossFit Culpeper Story

CrossFit Culpeper Story

CrossFit Culpeper didn’t start out in the 3k sqft facility that we have today.  It started in my home garage with about 5 friends and family and I called it S.T.I.N.G Fitness, which stood for Strength, Time, Intensity, Nutrition, and Goals.  Everything that makes up a great fitness program.

I honestly had no intention of affiliating or growing larger than the 10 members that we eventually had.   I was using this opportunity to train others and grow my skills as a coach.   It wasn’t until one day I was driving home from my full time job at the time and saw a sign on the side of our current building that said “FOR RENT”.  I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t that be a cool place to open a CrossFit facility?”   I laughed if off as I would never take the risk of opening a large facility like that.   Every day I drove passed that sign I would get more and more antsy about the possibility of opening my own gym.   I finally called the owner, Joe Weld of Napa Auto Parts Inc. and I quickly fell in love with the potential of the facility.   I became affiliated with CrossFit in June of 2015 and quickly started thinking about how we can grow our brand.  Getting into a larger facility was the first step.  I signed the rent agreement in September and quickly started getting the facility ready to open by November 1st.

It was shortly after I affiliated and signed the lease agreement that I was contacted by the owner of CrossFit Manasssas (Doug Esposito) and presented with an opportunity of a partnership.  It wasn’t a hard decision to partner with a well established CrossFit gym who’s programming was unparalleled by any that I have seen.   This partnership has been great for CrossFit Culpeper as it provides you with programming that has been perfected over 10 years and gets the results that everybody is looking for and coaches with many years of experience in coaching, anatomy, physiology and mobility.

Our primary goal is to get the people of Culpeper healthy and fit and have a place where they feel comfortable doing it.  We have one of the best fitness communities in Culpeper and we are getting the results that you were looking for.

Thanks to our members of CrossFit Culpeper and the Culpeper community we have been named the, “Best Gym in Culpeper – 2017” by the Culpeper Times.   We are extremely proud of how far we have come in just a few short years and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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